Nowack GmbH also receives PRS Green Label for 2023
Active participation in the circular pallet recycling system

Sustainable business to protect the environment is also a major concern for Nowack GmbH. We work resource-efficiently everywhere - within the company itself and together with our partners ...

Nowack GmbH receives new injection molding machine
Watch the build with timelapse video

Nowack GmbH is again investing in its machinery due to the stable order situation. A model Yizumi UN 900 D1 injection molding machine has just been delivered and set up in one of our prefabricated halls ...

Investing in Quality Assurance
Visibly smarter

Nowack GmbH have once again invested in the quality assurance of their product portfolio by purchasing a Mitutoyo Hyper Quick Vision measuring system and thus expanding their quality management programme. The system is ideal for the economical measurement of large-sized batch production runs. It will further reinforce the high quality standards of Nowack’s plastic components – much to the continued satisfaction of Nowack’s numerous customers.

The operating features of the Mitutoyo Hyper Quick Vision system are ...

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