Strict quality-assurance

The quality of our products is designed at least to match and often to beat the competition, when it comes to fulfilling the customer’s requirements. The needs of the market, respect for the environment, the careful management of scare resources and survival in a competitive market are all inextricably linked with permanent change. The definition of what constitutes quality therefore does not stand still, but has to be constantly adapted to shifting requirements and permanently controlled to ensure that standards are maintained.

The strict quality-assurance policies in force at Nowack GmbH and Wilhelm Nowack GmbH & Co. KG are designed to ensure that the fitness for purpose of products and the services supplied with them are fully documented and kept up to scratch. Constant tests and inspections ensure that any anomalies are detected early on, allowing corrective measures to be implemented as required and checked for effectiveness.

Random sampling during production

The procedures applied as part of our PPS system include a repeated cycle of random sampling during the production phase.

QA employees ensure dimensional accuracy

Our highly-trained QA specialists do not release an item for production until the batch has been adequately tested for dimensional accuracy.

Quality monitoring by our customers

We are subject to permanent quality monitoring on the part of our satisfied customers, and constantly maintain quality ratings of “good” to “very good” in this respect. Customer audits on our premises are, of course, also possible.

Certification of our areas of activity

Ever since 1996, the Nowack Company has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standards in the areas of development, manufacture and sale of plastic components made using the injection-moulding process (including plastic injection-moulding, toolmaking, serigraphy, dabber printing, trade products).

Quality monitoring using state-of-the art software

Our QA software allows us to gather and record data from measuring and testing instruments, 8-D reports, test plans, error-logging cards, nest analysis/synthesis, quality certificates and initial-sample test reports.

Ensuring consistent colour quality

We guarantee the colour-quality consistency of all the products that we supply. This is done by measuring the corresponding L-A-B values and establishing the margin of tolerance that is to be checked with our colour-measurement devices and maintained for each delivery batch.

Our on-screen display system doesn’t miss a thing

Our QA specialists use special projectors with a magnification of 10:1 to carry out checks for length and width, minimum diameter and holes, angles, radiuses and other product characteristics.

Testing the quality of raw materials

We use a melting-point detector to ensure that the plastic granules supplied to us have been made to our melting-index specifications.