Caring for the customer from day one.

This does not end with the delivery of our top-quality products, but is rather an open-ended process for our customers, into which they can reincorporate themselves at any stage. This is why you will find everything under one roof and the door open.


Our commitment to our customers starts right at the planning stage of the new plastic item. We are here to unlock your innovative potential, while providing support in the areas of value- and market-opportunity analysis.


Once a positive analysis has been produced, we get down to some serious number-crunching. Our Development Department uses CAD techniques to produce tools and plastic articles to your specifications and keep them updated. We can handle all common file formats.


Our toolmaking activities are centred on your requirements. We are always willing to produce one-off trial items and prototype tools for your future projects. We use these prototypes, assisted by CNC technology, as a basis for making high-quality injection moulding tools.

Injection moulding

The production of plastic articles with high-quality precision becomes possible with the latest automatic injection-moulding machines with standards-compliant SPC control systems and simultaneous capture of injection moulding parameters and data storage in PPS processing systems.


This is likewise an area in which we shine, with serigraphy and dabber printing in up to six different colours – carried out precisely to your specifications.


Our subsidiary firm, Wilhelm Nowack GmbH & Co. KG, is dedicated to providing you with logistics solutions, using computer-aided warehouse management and barcode identification to guarantee that the storage and shipping of your products are carried out to the letter.