E1- and E2-Crates
The boxes are mainly used in food transport or as a shopping basket for supermarkets and are characterized by comfort and easy cleanability.

E1- Crates:
Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 120 mm
Capacity: ca. 20 Liter
Burden: ca. 30 kg / Kasten

E2 - Crates:
Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 200 mm
Capacity: ca. 48 Liter
Burden: ca. 50 kg / Kasten
Disposable cutlery / Disposable drink containers
Disposable cutlery and disposable drink containers made of polystyrene
Plastic jars / Plastic containers
Plastic jars and plastic containers from Polycarkarbonat
Lollipop sticks from PS
Lollipop sticks from PS for round lollipops 40-cavity mold

Stackable trays from PP

Stackable trays from PP for brawn and aspic

Gambrel - uppers of PA and PA GF50%

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